About Island Escape Cruises

ISLAND ESCAPE CRUISES (Legal Name: Island Escape Cruises (NZ) Limited) is a luxurious superyacht experience with a 15 year history in the luxury market. In New Zealand we own 20-year permits from the Government to explore the entire World Heritage Fiordland National Park. Virtually isolated, with access by sea and helicopter, this region is beyond sensational and often described as the ultimate nature lovers paradise. We sail north to the world famous Bay of Islands over Christmas and New Year during the NZ summer season.

Under normal circumstances, during the New Zealand winter, we call Tahiti our home. During these challenging times we continually evaluate where we will operate in winter to provide our guests with the best cruising opportunities; be that in Australia or the South Pacific. Happily, the ‘Island Escape’ was designed to allow guests to enjoy the ship all year round with personalised service, first class activities and superb amenities. Sign up to receive our newsletters to be informed of our winter destinations as they are released.